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Top Performing Domains (with most keywords listed) on Web Stats Checker:

DomainSearch Traffic
facebook.com 1070028637
en.wikipedia.org 710848879
youtube.com 460112104
google.com 250067919
twitter.com 238500646
hotmail.com 225993687
en-gb.facebook.com 210129394
play.google.com 196485247
yahoo.com 127143132
windows.microsoft.com 118335028
itunes.apple.com 111885992
mail.yahoo.com 108005630
maps.google.com 97409439
mail.google.com 95200443
mashable.com 90626132
msn.com 85617946
imdb.com 81598601
amazon.com 80516022
accounts.google.com 73707251
mail.live.com 65537898

What is WebStatsChecker.com?

WebStatsChecker.com is a free service, allowing website owners and Search Engine Optimization specialists to:

  • Retrieve Stats and Search Engine Performance for their own and competitor domains.
  • Retrieve ranking information for a specific keyword, and then view and compare the competitor's Google PageRank, Yahoo Backlinks, website title, and many more.
  • Do keyword research, using our unique keyword research engine, that will find similar keywords, all used by the same domains.

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