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Keyword: hasil tpa smp 3 kutsel
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Date Checked: 2012/06/18


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    Keyword Competitor Analysis:

    Domain / Title / UrlPositionGoogle PageRankGoogle Pages IndexedBing Pages IndexedKeyword In DomainKeyword In UrlKeyword In Title

    SMP 3 Kuta Selatan: BukuTamu
    Path: /bukutamu/
    1 2

    Path: /

    Ungasan: Tes Potensi Akademik RSBI
    Path: /2012/05/tes-potensi-akademik-rsbi.html

    Ungasan: Disdik Deadline Laporan Siswa Absen
    Path: /2012/04/disdik-deadline-laporan-siswa-absen.html

    Ungasan: Sopir Korban Dipastikan Jadi Tersangka
    Path: /2012/02/sopir-korban-dipastikan-jadi-tersangka.html

    Ungasan: Mei 2012
    Path: /2012_05_01_archive.html

    Ungasan: Tragis! Anak SMP Gantung Diri Di Pohon Jepun
    Path: /2012/05/tragis-anak-smp-gantung-diri-karena.html

    Ungasan: Butuh Dana Rp 3-4 triliun, Tiga Investor Siap Lanjutkan
    Path: /2011/08/butuh-dana-rp-3-4-triliun-tiga-investor.html
    9 10

    Raih Bantuan Rp 1,8 Miliar - Bali Post---Pengemban Pengamal
    Path: /mediadetail.php%3Fmodule=detailberitaminggu&kid=26&id=64993
    24 5 223,000 20

    Anom Adi - Pipl Directory
    Path: /directory/name/Adi/Anom/
    25 6 658,000 346

    Cahya Daksa Wiguna - Free People Check with News, Pictures
    Path: /cahya+daksa+wiguna/check+people
    26 4 839,000 27 4 839,000

    Bali Post. Senin Kliwon, 6 Juni 2011
    Path: /epaper-kmb/docs/bpo_06062011
    28 9 5,370,000 1,780,000

    Bali Post - Senin, 27 April 2009
    Path: /epaper-kmb/docs/bp27042009
    29 9 5,370,000 1,780,000

    Bali Post. Sabtu Umanis, 3 April 2010
    Path: /epaper-kmb/docs/bpo03042010
    30 9 5,370,000 1,780,000

    Harian Denpost 17 November 2011
    Path: /denpost/docs/dps_16112011
    31 9 5,370,000 1,780,000

    Dre@ming Post: Seorang Siswa SMP di Misol Dimangsa Buaya
    Path: /2011/07/seorang-siswa-smp-di-misol-dimangsa.html

    Dre@ming Post: Amerika Punya Mobil Terbang
    Path: /2011/07/amerika-punya-mobil-terbang.html

    Dre@ming Post: 37 WNI Kasus Narkotika Bebas dari Hukuman Mati
    Path: /2012/06/37-wni-kasus-narkotika-bebas-dari.html

    Dre@ming Post: Remaja Palestina Tewas Ditembak, Israel
    Path: /2012/04/remaja-palestina-tewas-ditembak-israel.html

    otak sndiri in TipTop
    Path: /otak%2520sndiri
    36 4

    Sim Smkn 1 Kuta Selatan | Contoh Surat
    Path: /dengan/sim+smkn+1+kuta+selatan

    Sport: Gelora Optimisme Schumi & Brawn
    Path: /2011/04/gelora-optimisme-schumi-brawn.html

    Sport: Jelang Madrid vs Barca , Antara Gengsi dan Prioritas
    Path: /2011/04/jelang-madrid-vs-barca-antara-gengsi.html

    Sport: Curhat Warga Malaysia: Suporter Indonesia Memalukan!
    Path: /2011/11/curhat-warga-malaysia-suporter.html

    Sport: Madrid Juara....Ronaldo Bungkam Barca
    Path: /2011/04/madrid-juararonaldo-bungkam-barca.html

    Mahendra - Pipl Profiles
    Path: /directory/name/Mahendra/1720
    42 6 52,500,000 25,800,000

    Giri Wahyu - Pipl Directory
    Path: /directory/name/Wahyu/Giri/
    43 6 52,500,000 25,800,000